To place an order you can call Sandi Hunter @ 704.542.2031 or click here to send her an email
(she can usually be reached the fastest via email)

Little Bits is entirely non-profit and my mom, Sandi, also works full time in addition to this.  She does her best to respond to emails and phone calls quickly and also to get orders out as fast as she can.  Thank you for having patience with her as she balances her time.  Her service to us through Little Bits has been, and is such a  blessing. ~ Carisa

Cash or checks (made out to Little Bits) are accepted. There is a shipping charge if you cannot pick up your order, contact Sandi for the amount.


You may place your order via PayPal using your own personal credit card (no PayPal account needed) or your own PayPal account. 

EMAIL SANDI with your order first, and she will give your total with or without shipping.  She charges actual shipping, so we don't use a shipping table any longer.

Use the DONATE button below to pay for your order this way, just be sure to get the final total from Sandi first!
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You may make a donation without a purchase by using the button above. You choose any amount!