My son has 2 Tiny Bits.  He received one as a gift and immediately became attached to it!  We call Langston's Tiny Bits his "snuggly" because it is sooooo soft and he loves to pull it up near his face and snuggle with it.  I bought a second one to help keep the world running smoothly -- one typically stays in the house and the other in the car.   That way I don't have to worry about rushing out of the house without a snuggly!  It also means he is never without while one is being washed.  Besides, with so many cute fabrics, how can you have just one?!?
My older daughter is too big for a diaper bag ("I don't wear DIAPERS Mommy!"), but still needs a small bag on occasion.  Celeste has a monogrammed MiniPurse that is just the right size for her water bottle, a snack and any other thing she deems to be a "necessity" that day!  She loves it and I love that she can carry it herself!  She also has a Head Bit, but I have ordered more because they fit so well and are very stylish.  

These make awesome gifts!  I have given Tiny Bits alone and a coordinating Tiny Bit/MiniPurse set as gifts.  With so many fabric types and colors to choose from, you can truly customize the Little Bit to fit the gift recipient! 

Stacey L.
Charlotte, NC

Little Bits has become my “signature” gift for all my friends and family who have little ones. In fact, I get actual requests from some of my new mommy friends! I love giving these gifts because they are all hand-made and I get to have some fun custom designing them – thus making it more personal for me than just running to the nearest boutique store. I have even bought a few things for myself! But the bigger bonus is the satisfaction of knowing my gift is helping others in need.  Believe me, once you feel how soft and nice they are – you get hooked. I know I did!
                       Michelle M.
Charlotte, NC
My newborn son received a Cuddle Bit and it has become a favorite because of its softness, appearance, and size.  The fabric is extremely soft and perfect for my son to rub up against his face.  Friends comment on how soft the blanket looks.  They also notice the attractive pattern and colors because it looks stylish. The small blanket is perfect for my son to grab a hold of in his car seat.  While other blankets are so heavy that they fall onto the floor, this one stays with him and he stays happy!    

We also have a Tiny Bit and the kids love to put their fingers through them.  The design is so unique and the print is beautiful.  We also love the super soft fabric!

Bemidji, MN
I love to give these to my clients and friends!  The materials to choose from are so beautiful and soft.  They have let me know that their babies love them!  They are a great gift for a great ministry!
Karin D.
Charlotte, NC
We appreciated the opportunity to take two luxurious Cuddle Bits on our mission trip to Jamaica.  Each of our children chose one, wrapped it, and then took it in their suitcase for someone we would meet at the "Poor House" while we were there.  The first day we went to the poor house, they met a lot of people and scoped out who they would want
to give their blanket to at the end of the week.  These people live in very sad conditions - poor bathroom facilities, flies everywhere, and a stench to it all.  Now two of the residents there have a little bit of comfort in the midst of that.

Haven chose to share hers with Enid - a blind woman who loved to have Haven cuddle with her.  And Josiah shared his with Burt - a more mobile man that Josiah enjoyed coloring with.  Enid like her blanket after she opened the gift - she was obviously pleased with it.  Yet when we came back around, it was no where to be seen.  When we asked her about it,
she said she had hidden it so no one would steal it from her.  Burt, on the other hand, kept showing it to everyone and saying how proud of it he was.

We are glad to bring a little comfort, light, and snuggles to these two elderly people who otherwise have very little.  Thanks.
Chesterfield, VA
Nate with his monogrammed
Messy Bit Bib
Liam with his Tiny Bit
Daniel with his
Messy Bit Toddler Bib
Andres with his
Messy Bit Toddler Bib
Shirley, Juancho and Andres with their
Sleepy Bit Pillows
Avery with her Tiny Bit
I love my Cuddle Bit.  I designed it all by myself!

Age 5
Charlotte, NC
Jonas with his Tiny Bit
My daughter has never had a blankee and she really has been enjoying this Tiny Bit, thanks!  My oldest daughter said to me that this blankee is especially neat because one side is zebra, which is one of her favorite animals and the other side is pink like a flamingo, her other sister's favorite animal.  Then all of the tags are like me (mom) because I like whimsical patterns.  I liked her insight as this blankee has "Little Bits" of all of the other girls in the family in it!
Thanks again Sandi and Carisa, you both brought joy to my week!  This blankee came at the perfect time as my daughter is giving up the Nuk and this has helped the transition...she is now Nuk free and only uses her cuddly blankee!  May the Lord bless you as I keep you in my prayers.

"School in R Home" (web name) won a Tiny Bit from our
Give a Little Bit giveaway,  you can visit her blog here!
Reilly with her Tiny Bit
Lilly with her Big Bit

Charlotte, NC
Gillian sent us this letter and photo as a thank you for Sandi making her a new blankee after Gillian lost her beloved blankee in an airport.  Sandi knows her Daddy and surprised Gillian with a new blankee after hearing her sad story!
I bought a Big Bit and a couple of the Tiny Bits for my new son (adopted from Russia). He LOVES them!Here's a picture of him sleeping with both blankets his first night out of the orphanage. We were in Vladivostok, Russia.

Little Bits donated a special pillowcase to precious Julia who is fighting cancer.  Carisa got to know Julia when she was a featured tot on Totally Tots.  Julia was diagnosed with cancer just a little over a month before her feature went up.  She is still fighting, you can read more of her story here on her Mommy's blog.  We're praying for you sweet Julia!

Thank you so much for the adorable pillow case you made for Julia.  She received it on a day she was feeling really crummy.  As you can see in the picture, she was very happy to open her gift.  She immediately crawled in it like a sleeping bag! We took it with us to the hospital the next day for her
blood transfusion and it made her stay so much more comfortable.  Thank you so much for thinking of her.  We love your products and I know we’ll order more in the future.  You do beautiful work (and for a great cause).  Thank you again for your kindness and generosity.

~ Amber
My daughter loves her Itty Bitty Ball!  Thanks for such a wonderful product!