Hope Stout was a beautiful girl with a life full of wishes and dreams.  When she was battling cancer, the Make a Wish Foundation offered to fulfill a wish for her.  Hope's unselfish desire was that the other 155 Wish kids would be granted their wishes.

Ultimately, cancer took all of her dreams except one: to help other children who have cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  Today, her family works to fulfill that unselfish dream and Little Bits has found a way to help.

During Hope's life she slept many nights in hospital beds on her own special pillow.  In honor of her amazing life, Little Bits has created the Little Bit of Hope pillowcase: a soft, comforting pillow cover to give to children who face painful treatments and the discomfort of days, weeks, even months in a starchy hospital bed.

It is our wish to contribute to fulfilling Hope's dream. You can help us make that wish a reality by purchasing a Little Bit of Hope to donate.

Two worthwhile causes will benefit from your purchase. The dollars you spend will go directly to the Hinson family to support their mission work.  The plush pillowcase will be delivered to a deserving child by a member of Hope's family.

The March Forth with Hope Foundation provides financial assistance to families battling cancer or other life-threatening diseases.  Click here for more information.

Minimum Donation:
~$25.00 to purchase one to keep
in addition to donated pillowcase.
~without a donated pillowcase
The cost of a pillowcase to donate is $30.00
If you purchase one to donate, you may then purchase one to keep for $25.00.

If you would like to purchase a pillowcase to keep (without a donated pillowcase), the cost is $30.00.

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