Minky Jumbo Dot
Yellow-Green-BlueMinky Jumbo Dot
Brown-Pink-GreenMinky Jumbo Dot
Brown-Blue-TanMinky Jumbo Dot
Pink-Purple-GreenMinky Retro Dot
Fushia/Ylw/Espr./Celery/Off-Wh/Wh (Bubble Gum Pink Background)
 Minky Retro Dot 
Royal/Blue/Espresso/Latte/Off-WhiteMinky Retro Dot  
Aqua/Lt. Yellow/
  Minky Retro Dot  
Coral/Sage/Latte/Yellow/Off-White  Minky Retro Dot 
Navy/Sage/Espresso/Off-White/White (Blue Background) Minky Retro Dot 
Lavender/Coral/Retro Pink/Off-White/WhiteMinky Blue Dot on Dark Brown
-aslo available in pink on darkbrown, and tan on dark brownMinky Medium Pink Dots on BrownMinky Medium Blue Dots on brownMinky White Small Dots on PinkMinky White Small Dots on BlueMinky White Small Dots on BlackMinky White Small Dots on RedCuddle Jumbo White Bubbles on BlackMinky White Bubbles on YellowMinky ZebraMinky GiraffeCuddle Orange Flowers on IvoryMinky Toile
Black & WhiteMinky CamoMinky Flowers on GreenMinky Dot-MANY colors available to coordinateMinky Cloud-MANY colors available to coordinateCuddle-Frogs and FlowersMinky Paisley
pink/lime/fuscia/blackMinky Mulit Dot
pink/lime/fuscia/blackMinky Multi Bubbles pink/lime/fuscia/blackMinky Paisley
Blue/BrownMinky Mulit Dot
Blue/BrownMinky Multi Bubbles
Blue/BrownMinky Crazy Dots
pink/lime/fuscia on ChocolateMinky Pink Flowers on Dark BrownMInkly Daisy Ring Mocha/OliveGreen & Brown PaisleyMInky Circle o Le Passion PinkMinky Carnival Bright DotMinky Carnival Bright Jumbo DotMinky Carnival Pastel DotMinky Carnival Pastel Jumbo DotDogs & Bones MinkyMicro Terry Fleece StarsPosey Party Hot Pink/Lime MinkyMango MonkeysMinky Monkeys AquaPink PeaceBlue PeaceAqua/Violet/Green WhalesAqua/Violet/Green Tiny BubblesOrange/Brown/Blue WhalesOrange/Brown/Blue StripesOrange/Brown/Blue Tiny BubblesSilly Bubbles Turquoise/OrangeFroggy Turquoise/OrangeSilly Bubbles Green & PinkJungle Fever LatteMinky AirplanesMinky Cars {orange}Minky Cars {white}Minky Diggers {green}Minky Diggers {yellow}Minky Transportation {white}Minky Transportation {blue}Minky Dino {black}Minky Dino {white}Minky PiratesMinky Argyle {blue/brown}Dots and Daisies Watermelon/TopazFlutterby White
Purple/Blue/Green ButterfliesFly Away Spot CharcoalFly Away Spot AquaFly Away Spot PinkIzzy Ditzy Flower
Aqua/Green/YellowIzzy Ditzy Flower
Lime Green/Green/PinkIzzy Stripes
Green/Yellow/Blue/OrangeWonky Dots BlackWonky Dots White
Green/PinkSoftie Dots
BrownSoftie Dots
WhitePlaying Monkeys
Brown/BlueAnimals in Recess
PinkSafari Light TealHearts
Bubblegum Pink
We do our best to keep the fabric page current, although there is always the possibility the fabric you select is no longer available. Sandi will let you know ASAP when you email her.
Minky & Cuddle Fabrics...
Use for: Blankees, Bibs, Itty Bitty Balls, Sleepy Bits, ...
1-Dots on Brown
2-Funky Squares
3-Dots on Green
4-Funky Circles1-Brown/Green Stripes
2-Brown/Green Flowers
3-Brown/Green Dots1-Dark Brown Trellis
2-Dark Brown/Cream Stripes1-White Dots on Black
2-Big Flowers on Green
3-Pink/Green Dots on Black
4-Pink/Green/Black Stripes
5-Pink/Green/Black Swirls
6-Tinys Dots on Black
7-Pink/Green/Black Small Squares
8-Flip Flops on Black1-Pink/Brown Toile
2-Pink/Brown Stripe
3-Pink/Brown Trellis
4-Pink Brown Dots
5-Pink/Brown Big Dots1-Pink/Brown Diamonds
2-Pink Brown Trellis1-Brown Dots on Pink
2-Pink Dots on Brown1-Pink/Brown Paisley
2-Pink/Brown Flowers1-Aqua/Brown Butterflies
2-Aqua/Brown Flowers
3-Aqua/Brown Paisley1-Pink/Green/Brown Stripe
2-Pink/Green/Brown Paisley1-Brown & More-Stripes
2-Brown & More-Paisley1-Purple/Green Stripes
2-Purple/Green Paisley1-Pink/Green Jumbo Flowers
2-Pink Green/White Stripes
3-Pink/Green/White Paisley1-Pink/Green on White Stripes
2-Pink/Green on White Tiny Dots
3-Pink/Green on White Bubbles
4-Pink/Green on White Combo1-Pastel Pink/Aqua/Green Dots
2-Pastel Pink/Aqua/Green Paisley1-Blue/Brown/Tan Flowers
2-Blue/Brown/Tan Dots1-Light Blue/Tan Stripes
2-Light Blue/Tan Paisley1-Tiny Brown Dots on Aqua
2-Brown/Aqua Paisley1-Aqua/Brown/Lime Stripes
2-Aqua/Brown/Lime Dots
3-Aqua/Brown/Lime Paisley
4-Aqua/Brown/Lime Waves1-Teal/Brown Bubbles
2-Teal/Brown Stripes
3-Teal/Brown Flowers1-Bright Big Flowers on White
2-Bright Stripes1-Stripes
2-Circles1-Green Python
2-Green Dots on Hot Pink
3-Pink Buttons on Green
4-White Dots on Hot Pink1-Tiny Flowers on Light Green
2-Tiny Flowers on Light Blue
3-Tiny Flowers on Light Pink1-Bright Stripes
2-Bright Circles
3-Bright Squares
4-Bright DiamondsFlowers-LIMITED STOCKLIMITED STOCK of bothAqua Baby FlowersBright Flowers on WhiteBlue, White, Gold FlowersBlack, Gold, Gray Flowers on WhiteGreen, Red, Blue, Tan Trellis on Dark Brown
Cotton Fabrics...
Use for: Bibs, Bag a Bits, ...
When ordering a larger item, please keep in mind that we only carry a limited stock of each fabric.

Sandi will let you know ASAP if we have enough, if she can re-stock, and what your time frame will be.
Click to see if what you want is already made in our PRE-MADE section!
If fabrics are shown together in the same photo, they definitely coordinate. If you have questions about others, just Email Sandi and she can let you know!