The Messy Bit is a special bib for a hip baby!  The bibs are made from your choice of our unique cotton fabrics and your choice of either Minky Chenille in a solid color (shown above) or a 2nd coordinating cotton fabric (shown below) for the back.  If you choose 2 cotton fabrics, an extra layer of batting is place inside for absorbency.

These bibs are sure to do the job for a messy baby or toddler and also keep them looking adorable!

To order a Bib, please specify fabric selection(s)

*2 coordinating cotton or Minky fabrics

*1 cotton/Minky fabric with solid color choice
(or we can choose the best match for you)

Click here to view fabric options
Click here to view Pre Made bibs ready for sale

All bibs are reversible, with a Velcro or snap closure.

The original Messy Bit (shown above) measures approximately 15" x 9."

The Messy Bit Toddler(shown below in a gift set) measures approximately
16" x 10" and has a longer velcro strip for stronger toddlers!
Minimum Donation:
$12.00 (2 for $22)
$14.00 Toddler size
(2 for $26)
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