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Meet the Cornerstone Staff...


The Curry Family
~Bill, Patsy, Joshua & Rachel

In 1980 after graduating from Phila. College of Bible, Bill started a weekly Teen Club in Kensington.  This was an outreach to inner city teenagers that met in an old soup kitchen.  The ministry grew and in 1987 a Kids Club was started for the children in Kensington.  In 1994 a church building was obtained and efforts were made to plant a church.  In 1995 Bill and Patsy were married.  Patsy moved into Kensington to serve alongside Bill.  After 25 years of ministering to urban
The Schultz Family
~Andrew, Shannon,
Matthew, Sarah, Daniel, Drew
Andrew and Shannon first volunteered as Kids Club leaders while they were still dating and attending Philadelphia College of Bible. Several years later, after getting married and planning to serve as missionaries overseas, they returned to Kensington in 1994 for a two year internship and have felt lead of the Lord to remain here ever since. Andrew overseas much of the ministry
The Darrow Family
~Joe, Laurie, Joy, Jared, Zach, Eliza, Joey

Joe and Laurie Darrow are missionaries with AMF who have been working in Kensington since 1988. They have five children Joy, Jared, Zach, Eliza and Joey. They have worked in all fazes of the ministry here from children and teens to preaching and teaching. Joe and Laurie are currently focused on discipleship. They oversee small group studies and classes at the Church. Discipleship includes all aspects of the Christian life. They believe in teaching and also coming along side people helping put faith into action.

Jonerik  & Emily Santiago
Jonerik and Emily were married and began serving as a team in Philly in October of 2009.  Jonerik grew up in Kensington and was involved with Cornerstone's ministries as a teen and young adult.  Jonerik and Emily met during their high school years and both graduated from Lancaster Bible College together.  Jonerik graduated with a degree in Pastoral Ministry, returned to Philly and worked full-time on staff with Cornerstone for 3 years before getting married.  Now he continues to work at Cornerstone leading worship,
to youth including Teen Club, Preteen Club, God Squad, and Extreme Team. Shannon helps direct the Preteen Club,
co-teaches the Growth Group for high school girls, assists with children's church, and home schools Matthew, Sarah, and Daniel.
Donna Rohr
Marie Buck
The Roth Family
~Michael, Jessica, Reagan, Madison

Mike and Jessica Roth began attending
Cornerstone shortly before the birth of
their first daughter Reagan in 2006. 
Since coming to Cornerstone Mike has
graduated from Biblical Theological
Seminary with his Masters of Divinity
with a concentration on urban theology.
Mike fills the pulpit regularly, does
various outreach and pastoral counseling
and is currently working with the young
adults as well asmentoring several men
at Cornerstone.  Jessica is a Licensed
Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and is very active in the Ladies In Fellowship Together (LIFT) ministry as well as working with the women of
Cornerstone on a one on one basis.
teaching adult Bible studies, doing teen discipleship, facilitating a monthly food giveaway for the community/church, and occasionally he fills the pulpit.  Emily graduated with a degree in Social Work and lived in Lancaster working for a non-profit for 3 years after finishing school.  Jonerik and Emily are ministering with Cornerstone to spread the truth and love of Christ to the community in Kensington.
youth, Bill became an adult pastor at Cornerstone Community Church.  Bill now preaches and leads our growing, diverse urban church.  Patsy helps lead Kids' Club, Prayer Pals, Lift and children’s church.

Lawrence and Shirley Goldsborough

Lawrence and Shirley, first came here to Cornerstone Community Church, in 1999, as facilitators of FamilyLife Homebuilders couples series, a Biblical based study on marriage, to the couples here. They have build relationships, counseled and mentors some since they have come. They became members and joined our staff in 2013. Lawrence, graduate from Jameson School of Ministry and Theology, with a Bachelors degree in Theology. Lawrence