Worship Services                            

Every Sunday at 9:15 & 11:00am

Sunday School                                

Every Sunday at 9:15 am

We offer Bible classes for ages 2-18.  Breakfast is included.

Adult Growth Groups                   

Every Sun. at 11am at Light & Miracle House

Media Lending Library

DVDs are available after Sunday services

We lend 100’s of excellent Christian videos

Prime Timers Luncheons             

Every Sunday after second service

Seniors meet at Marie Buck’s home. 

Salt n’ Light (SNL)-                          

Every Sunday night at 5-7pm

All young adults ages 19-30 are invited.



Ladies Fitness Classes                   

Every Monday at 6:30pm 

Won By One                                      

Every Monday 7:00pm

Christian 12 Step Fellowship at Miracle House (2060 E. Allegheny Ave.)


Every other Monday

Call Mr. William Mercer at  610-357-8715



Kids Club                                             

Every Tuesday at 6:30- 8:00 pm     

Ages 5-12. Enjoy songs, Bible lesson, games, playground & snacks!

Adult Bible Study                            

Every Tues.at 6:30- 8 pm 

Meet at the Light House- 2058 Allegheny Ave.

New Believers Study                     

Every Tues.at 6:30- 8 pm 

Meet at the Light House- 2058 Allegheny Ave.

Recovery Bible Study                    

Every Tues., at 6:30pm

Meet at Miracle House (2060 Allegheny.) 

Family Night                      

1st Tuesday of month at 7- 8:45pm

Join us for great evening of singing, prizes, a Christian movie, games and refreshments.

All children must come with their parent!

Thrift Shop at 3058 Frankford Ave.    

Every Tues., Wed., Fri., Sat. at 12 - 3pm



Keepers of the House                   

Every Wed. at 9-9:30am Bible study & 9:30-12 cleaning

Narcotics Anonymous                   

Every Wed. at 7 pm and Sat. at 10:30 am

Women’s Bible study                    

Every Wed. 6:30-8pm at Light House

Sons of Elijah Bible Study             

Every Wed. 7-8pm at church



Men’s Bible Study                          

Every Thurs. 8:30-10am

Meet at Pastor Joe’s (1929 E. Orleans)

Food Cupboard                                

Every Thursdays at 10am- 12noon

You must sign-up in advance for free food and live in the 19134 zip code.


Every Thursday at 3:45-5:15pm

Come to our after school program for ages 5-12.

Teen Club (ages 13-18)                 

Every Thurs. at 7-9:00pm    

Enjoy games, sports, Bible study & great food.



Men’s Main Event                          

Every 1st & 3rd Friday night at 6:30pm

 All men are welcome for food, activities and Bible study.



Narcotics Anonymous                   

Every Saturday at 10:30 am

Alcoholics Anonymous                 

Every Saturday at 7:00 pm